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28th July, 2018

As a radiant bride, you look in the mirror and imagine your wedding day and all you have dreamt of it. The dress, the jewels, the flowers, and most importantly THE HAIR. The thing that could either go terribly wrong or perfectly crafted. When we say that Hair by Maddie Woff leans more toward the “perfectly crafted” part we mean it! And when I say “we” I mean all the bride’s thus far that have marveled at the art of their hair by Hair by Maddie Woff on their wedding day. 

You scroll through Pinterest and Instagram and see the girls with boho braids and updos that cascade at the nape of the neck like a masterpiece. You think, “that would be great, but my hair could never do those twists and turns.” Hair by Maddie Woff is here to show AND tell you that it can and you can feel just as beautiful as you look. A recent bride Mikaela said “Maddie can give you THAT hair. The kind of hair that reflects your personality, radiates beauty and gives you that extra boost of confidence. The kind of hair that people will go out of their way to stop you on the streets and compliment you on. If you want to feel like a million bucks, no matter the occasion, Maddie is your person - and Kentucky’s best kept secret.” Don’t you want a little slice of action on the best kept secret?

Many bride’s, however, only focus on the Instagram feed and the beautiful pictures, but let me tell you it’s what is behind the chair that carries the most substance. “She made the whole process so easy for me and was so good at communicating leading up to the wedding. On the day of she really made it so fun and relaxing and made me feel so beautiful! She took the time to understand the look I wanted and made sure I liked it every step of the way!” You can choose anyone to do your wedding hair and do the deed, but if you want a team that will care about not only your needs, but your wants and well-being, Hair by Maddie Woff is the place to book. 

The best part about Maddie and her team? It’s a TEAM! Maddie, master stylist, and her team of trained senior stylists work together to get as many bridesmaids and wedding party members that you want styled. Have 10 bridesmaids? No problem. Need them to be there for touch ups during the reception? Got it. Her team is on it and up to the task! Andrea, a bride, even said, “Maddie Wofford and her senior stylist went above and beyond for my wedding! When my original hair stylist fell through at the last minute, I reached out to Maddie, and seeing that I was a June bride she was already booked, but she was more than accommodating by giving me her senior stylist Megan for the day. Megan did such a fabulous job and every single bridesmaid felt so beautiful and unique with their own style being incorporated.  Maddie was so responsive and helped the day go so smoothly by making an itinerary, and Megan was so spunky and fun to have around for my big day. I would hands down recommend these ladies if you want to look fabulous and have a style that will hold up…my hair looked the same at the end of the night as it did the beginning! Such a great professional and kind team!”

The words from these loved brides speak for themselves, but they are just that. Words. So why don’t you experience the magic for yourself? Book Hair by Maddie Woff today for not just weddings, but for any special occasion and truly learn what “beauty without vanity” feels like. Let’s get original and craft something just for you!

Written By Guest Author: April Meisner of BR& by April Rose


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