IS beauty without vanity
IS feminine without uniformity
IS FOr original women

We are on the planet to restore beauty and it starts on the inside. Beauty is not vanity when it’s who you are. Our dream is for every woman who sits in our chair to experience a glimpse of true beauty - not one that fades externally but a beauty that revives the world. We are desperate to create something real, authentic, and captivating. Trends come and go, but beauty brings our souls to life again. Drink deep with us, laugh with us, enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. We were made for creative beauty... and it just so happens that one expression of this purpose is with your lovely locks of hair.


The MW Beauty team are hair angels sent from above!
maddie is not only a hair magician - better hair than your pinterest board - but after meeting her in person, I knew I had to have this group of talented WOMEN! i have referred them so many times to my engaged friends.
never looked back.
they are the very best!